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ALK Abello COPENHAGEN (AFX) - Danish pharmaceutical group ALK Abello AS said its tablet-based grass pollen vaccine Grazax showed very positive results for the second treatment year in the ongoing GRAZAX GT-08 study.

In the second treatment year, Grazax reduces hay fever symptoms by 44 pct and reduces the need for symptom-relieving medication by 73 pct compared with placebo, ALK Abello said.

ALK Abello said it has recently entered strategic alliances for the Grazax programme with the Menarini Group for some European markets and with Schering-Plough (nyse: SGP - news - people ) for North America..

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Vaccine zaps allergy in record time


ALLERGY sufferers could bid farewell to their sneezes with a new generation of vaccines that take effect within weeks.

Existing vaccines for allergies involve three to five years of regular injections with increasing amounts of allergen - the substance that triggers an allergy. All the while the immune response slowly changes from a predominance of T-helper 2 (TH2) cells, immune cells responsible for triggering allergic reactions, to T-helper 1 (TH1) cells, which stimulate the production of protective antibodies.

Because nothing is directing allergens to the right place in immune cells, it takes a lot of allergen to generate a response.