Weigh vaccine carefully


gardasilAn interesting opinion from Canada.

As a father of three daughters I have certainly taken notice of the announcement and promotion of a vaccine to treat the human papilloma virus. This virus has a strong connection to and may be the largest factor in the cause of cervical cancer.

Statistically, most women will become infected in their lifetime, 80 percent by some estimates.

But there is preliminary talk of making this vaccination mandatory for our school-aged daughters in the 11- to 16-year-old bracket. I'm afraid I must protest.

While this would be a wise choice for some people, for others it would not. There will be talk of side-effects in the future. It is a simple and cheap vaccination but a nationwide treatment for a disease that has such a low death rate would seem to be excessive.

The Centers for Disease Control states the death rate at 3,700 a year, far below that of breast cancer at 40,900, prostate cancer at 27,000 and roughly equivalent to the risk of poisonings at 3,700 per year.

I am not yet recommending to my daughters that they look into getting this vaccine. We will have to evaluate all the risk factors and make our choice. Evaluate and chose for yourself, please.

-- Rodney Jenkins, Biggs

via Chico Enterprise-Record