6,000 Md. students without vaccine records kept out of school

vaccination for kidsMore than six-thousand students in the Maryland suburbs of Washington were kept out of classes yesterday because they did not have the proper record of vaccinations.

A law requiring students in sixth through ninth grades to provide records of chickenpox and hepatitis B vaccinations took effect with the new year.

The only exceptions were for those who had proof with proof of appointments to get the shots by January 22nd.

School officials say they've been working for months to get the word out, but some parents haven't paid attention.

Prince George's County officials say more than four-thousand students were sent home. In Montgomery County, about 500 students took home another warning letter from principals.

Frederick County had 327 children out of compliance; Saint Mary's County had 381 and Anne Arundel County had 993.

In Howard County, more than 16-hundred students who hadn't supplied verification as of mid-December aren't being kept from class. The school system is assisting them in making appointments and a free clinic is scheduled for tomorrow.

source - The Washington post