Fury over mercury vaccine for Scots


fluarixCHILDREN and pregnant women in Scotland are being given a flu vaccination that has poisonous mercury.

Two years ago, the UK Government announced the withdrawal of mercury-based thiomersal vaccinations after they were linked to autism.

But Scottish Health Minister Andy Kerr last week confirmed it is still being used in flu vaccines north of the Border.

In reply to a question from the SSP's Carolyn Leckie, Kerr said: "In this year's flu programme, there is only one vaccine (Fluarix) which contains thiomersal and could be offered to pregnant women and children."

Furious Bill Welsh, chairman of Edinburghbased Autism Treatment Trust, said last night: "Mercury is the world's second most toxic substance. How can anyone justify its use in the vaccination of pregnant women and young children?"

MSP Leckie said: "I am shocked that the health service in Scotland still has thiomersal."

source  - Sunday mail UK