Criminal case opened over allergy in inoculated Stavropol children


russiaRUSSIA, December 1 (Itar-Tass) - Prosecutors in Russia's Stavropol territory opened a criminal case over the facts of allergic complications in children who have been inoculated against the flu.

Medical assistance has been rendered in the region to more than 70 children since the beginning of mass vaccination. Of those, 32 children were hospitalized with edemata, rash, palpitation and tachypnea, a regional prosecutor told.

In several cases reported in the regional center, the allergic reaction proved so severe that the children had to be taken to an intensive therapy ward.

Medical authorities have suspended the use of the Grippol vaccine.

The criminal case was opened over negligence. Batches of the suspicious vaccine have been sent for an expert examination. Meanwhile, the inoculation against the flu using other batches of this vaccine continues among the adult population.

source - ITAR TASS