Bird Flu Infects Three Family Members In Egypt

bird fluA family cluster infection of bird flu has been identified in Garbiya, about 55 miles north of Cairo, Egypt, say officials from the World Health Organization (WHO). Two infected people had been slaughtering ducks prior to becoming infected, say WHO officials.

Official confirmation conflicts with the WHO version. A spokesman for the Egyptian Health Ministry said only two patients had been infected with H5N1, the virulent bird fly virus strain.

Authorities say birds in the immediate vicinity of the infections are being culled as a precautionary measure. They added that all humans in the area who have been handling poultry are being checked.

Egypt has had 18 cases of human H5N1 infection, including these three. The first case was reported in March 2006.

Backyard poultry is widespread in Egypt. WHO says the risk of bird flu spreading fast is greater in countries where backyard poultry is more common.

source - Medical News Today