VRAN - Vaccine Risk Awareness Network


VRANThis is a third website about vaccination risks and effectiveness.

A lot of work has been put into this website, and for sure it does look prettier and more professional than previous two - Vaccination Liberation and The Vaccination Hoax.

I welcome you to check the VRAN website out: 

VRAN website is designed to provide you with more information about risks and potential side-effects of vaccines, to get support if you or someone you know may have suffered adverse reactions from vaccines, and to foster a multi-disciplinary approach to child and family health.

VRAN - Vaccination Risk Awareness Network is a not-for-profit educational society. Formed in response to growing parental concern regarding the safety of current vaccination programs in Canada.

VRAN continues the work of the Committee Against Compulsory Vaccination, started by Ontario parents in 1982 in protest of the Immunization of School Pupils Act.

Unlike other internet-sites, VRAN does not collect any personal data on any visitor unless specifically disclosed by the visitor (i.e. in the membership-application).