Vietnam completes bird flu vaccination in 2006

bird fluHANOI, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- Vietnam has vaccinated 163.4 million fowls in the second batch of bird flu vaccination, fundamentally finishing its two-phase vaccination plan for 2006, according to a local veterinary agency on Tuesday.

The second batch of vaccination, which is underway in 63 out of64 cities and provinces nationwide, is scheduled to be complete by late this month, said the Department of Animal Health under the country's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Vietnam, to prevent reoccurrence of bird flu outbreaks, is intensifying fights against fowl smuggling, and monitoring poultry transport and trade.

Bird flu outbreaks, starting in Vietnam in December 2003, have killed and led to the forced culling of dozens of millions of fowls.

The last outbreak of bird flu among poultry in the country was in December 2005, according to the ministry.

source - Xinhua