Italy - 27 percent of youth believe there's already AIDS vaccine


survey (AGI) - Rome, Nov 28 - 27pct of young people believe that there already is a vaccine against AIDS. 20pct are mistaken in how the HIV virus is spread. These figures were given by Prof. Fernando Aiuti, immunologist and Chairman of Anlaids, opening for the XX National Congress in Rome in the presence of Prof. Roberto Gallo, a world expert on the disease.

"There is no vaccine against AIDS, but there are some candidates which could become it, though it is not yet known which ones will work," he added. "Condoms should be placed in selling machines in high schools or nearby. Joints should not be allowed," added Prof. Aiuti, recalling data given by the Italian National Health Institute (ISS), which count one infection every two hours.

"30pct of youths do not buy condoms because it costs too much, while in France the price has dropped to 50 cents. Information campaigns should be promoted, because the vaccine does not exist yet, but luckily there is medicine which slows down the virus's replication, and infected people should not be marginalised.

After 20 years and after some successes, in the last 5 years the epidemic has not diminished. The number of people who tested HIV positive and who have AIDS has increased, and they can infect other people. 65pct of people who discovers they are infected do so when their situation is already clear."

In Italy, in the first 11 months of this year, 1260 new AIDS patients have been found, of which 758 had their diagnosis in 2006. There have been 160 victims of AIDS in this period.

Lombardy is the region with the largest number of cases (289), followed by Lazio (138) and Emilia Romagna (121).

source - AGI