Cervical cancer vaccine's rival 'lasts longer'. Or so GSK claims.


GSKTHE cervical cancer vaccine being held out as an alternative to Gardasil may offer much longer-lasting protection, according to its maker.

Drug giant GlaxoSmithKline, which is trying to stop the Government agreeing to a vaccination program using only Gardasil, says its treatment, Cervarix, has the strength to protect women vaccinated at school until they turn 55.

It also argues its vaccine may protect against 80 per cent of cervical cancers compared with the 70 per cent that Gardasil covers. These claims are still being tested, but they may make it harder for CSL to convince Canberra's Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee that Gardasil offers value for money.

CSL public affairs director Rachel David said GlaxoSmithKline's claims about Cervarix would have no effect on the committee's decision. "GSK's claims have not been accepted by any regulator anywhere in the world," she said.

source - The Age