10 bln euros for AIDS vaccine production?


vaccine and moneyThe production of an AIDS vaccine would cost 10 billion euro, virologist Vittorio Collizi said. A joint Bulgarian- Italian team is working on the new medicament.

Collizi is in Bulgaria to present research developments, Darik Radio reported. Together with Bulgarian Bogdan Petrounov, Collizi is working on a vaccine which at the same time develops immunity against HIV and tuberculosis.

The project was worth 10 billion euro, Collizi said. Funds were needed for the development and practical implementation of the vaccine, said he.

Four stages will be followed in project execution. Among these are scientific research, testing, production and implementation.

Only the first stage has been completed so far, said Collizi. The first country where the vaccine will be tested is Cameroon, since the HIV variety was greatest there, said he.

source - Sofia Echo 

All I can ask is - WHY NOT 20 BLN EUROS? OR 50?