Vaccination and the Path of Medical Technology


Part V of «The Case Against Immunizations» by Richard Moskowitz, M.D.

«The idea of eradicating measles or polio has become attractive to us simply because the power of medical science makes it seem technically possible: we worship every victory of technology over Nature, just as the bullfight celebrates the triumph of human intelligence over the brute beast. That is why we do not begrudge the drug companies their exorbitant profits and gladly volunteer the bodies of our children for their latest experiments. Vaccination is essentially a religious sacrament of our own participation in the miracle of medical science, a veritable auto-da-fé in the name of modern civilization itself.»

«Nobody in their right mind would seriously entertain the idea that if we could somehow eliminate one by one measles and polio and all of the known diseases of mankind, we would really be any the healthier for it, or that other diseases at least as terrible would not quickly take their place. Still less would a rational being imagine that the illnesses from which we suffer are "entities" separable from the individuals who suffer them, or that with the appropriate chemical or surgical sacrament the separation can literally be carried out. Yet these are precisely the miracles we are taught to believe in and the idolatries to which we in fact aspire. We prefer to forget the older and simpler but more difficult truths, that the susceptibility to illness is deeply rooted in our biological nature, and that the signs and symptoms of disease are the attempt of our own life energy to overcome whatever we are trying to overcome, trying, in short, to heal ourselves.

The myth that we can find technical solutions for all human ailments looks attractive at first precisely because it bypasses the problem of healing, which is a genuine miracle in the sense that it can always fail to occur. We are all truly at risk of illness and death at every moment; no amount of technology can change that. Yet the mission of technical medicine is precisely to try to change that, by standing always in the front line against disease, and by attacking and destroying it wherever and whenever it shows itself.

That is why, with all due respect, I cannot accept the sacraments of Merck, Sharp & Dohme or have faith in the miracles of the Centers for Disease Control. For myself, I prefer to stay with the miracle of life itself, which has given us not only illness and disease but also the arts of medicine and healing, through which we can acknowledge our pain and vulnerability and at times, with the grace of God and the help of our fellow humans, experience a sense of health and well-being that goes beyond tribe or country. That is my religion, and though I will gladly share it, I do not force it on anyone.»

ImmunoDefence’s comments:
If you care about health of your children and yours, please read the whole case. It’s always good to hear second opinion. Always.