The dangers of vaccination


vaccine shotsby AUDREY ALFSON, Lacrosse Tribune

Help me understand: It’s OK to talk about drug studies that show thousands (700,000) are sent to the emergency room yearly for drug reactions to “common” over-the-counter and prescription drugs (Tribune Oct. 18). And it’s OK to highlight the dangers of the all- too-common ADHD drugs that send thousands to the ER (Tribune, spring 2006). Authors of the studies admit that thousands die from said drugs and that the numbers are probably higher because of lack of reporting.

Why is it, therefore, not OK to put vaccinations in the same category? Vaccinations, like all drugs, can have side effects (probably underreported); people can end up in the hospital; people can die. Instead we are given a warm fuzzy article in the Tribune with quotes from a local doctor telling us there is nothing to worry about.

Fact: In 1986 the government created the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to compensate families for their vaccine-damaged children — some were brain-damaged, some died. Since its inception, more than $1 billion in claims have been paid. (Doctors I have talked to were completely unaware that this existed.)

Fact: In the 1990s, following studies about the use of mercury in vaccinations, the government committee suggested that the pharmaceutical companies voluntarily remove mercury.

Please put all pharmaceuticals that may enter your body into the same category: potentially harmful with side effects much higher than reported. Check out or for more information that is not discussed in the mainstream news.