Polio afflicts a girl despite vaccination


News about effectiveness or rather non-effectiveness of vaccines and serious adverse effects are keep on coming. I don't know what's causing it. Either it's really getting worse, or news media is starting to look into these cases. In any case, here's another report of how vaccines are "effective" and "safe".

A 1-year-old girl has been diagnosed with polio in spite of receiving 9 doses of the polio vaccine. According to an official statement, polio can be prevented by 4-10 doses of the vaccine. However, this does not hold true for this girl called Jannat.

“Earlier she used to roam around the house. Now she can't even stand properly,” Jannat's Mother, Akhbari Khatun says. Jannat was diagnosed with polio just a few days back.

According to the state health department records, Jannat has had 9 doses of the vaccine, 2 under the routine immunisation programme and 7 booster doses under the pulse polio programme.

“There is no use in giving them doses. I did but she still got polio. It's all a farce. The Government spends crores on it, but its of no use,” Jannat's Father, Muhammad Jameel Akhtar says. Four new cases of polio have been reported in the last two weeks, however, officials say that such cases are very rare.

“One case is a resident of Rajasthan, the other is from Mainpuri who has come to Delhi for treatment. The message is simple - the virus is brought from outside into Delhi,” says OSD, Pulse Polio Programme, Dr CM Khanijo Health Minister, Delhi, Yoganand Shastri says, “The pulse polio campaign has been a success. The fact that we haven’t seen a single case in the past one and a half years is proof of that it’s only in western up that we haven’t been able to curb it.”