Health Ministry: No link between flu vaccine, deaths


Health officials rule out suspicions death of four patients was caused by flu vaccine.

The Health Ministry ruled out on Monday any link between vaccination against flu and the deaths of four patients who died within eight days of receiving the same flu vaccine.

"There was no one present at discussions who thought the deaths are linked to the vaccination," a Health Ministry official who attended a meeting to discuss the incidents said. "The test we do is to prove to the public that we check everything to ensure that the vaccination is safe."

Despite the conclusions it has been decided to keep vaccinations on halt.

On Sunday the deaths of four patients who had been vaccinated against flu at a Kiryat Gat clinic prompted the Ministry to suspend flu vaccinations nationwide.

An autopsy carried out on the fourth victim established that he had died of a heart disease.

But doctors have not ruled out the possibility that the flu vaccination could have interfered in the patient's heart.

The Ministry is also awaiting a response on the incidents from French vaccine maker Aventis before making a decision on renewing vaccinations.

The Ministry said Sunday's incidents are unprecedented, with a leading ministry doctor describing the incident as "a statistical phenomena." Doctors said that more chronic patients who have received the vaccine could die in the near future, but their deaths cannot be related to vaccination against flu.


Now the question is - were those deaths really related or not? Because the Isralian health Ministry didn't convince me.